We are


We're a specialized purchasing organization with an emphasis in non-acute infusion centers.

We are trailblazers in the industry, with over 25 years of experience. We have built a distinguished reputation based on honesty, availability, and providing effective results. We are a high-touch company with a commitment to culminating and maintaining strong relationships throughout all facets of the industry. As a result, we are often able to predict changes and trends earlier than other highly-regarded industry leaders.


Why US?

Above all else, we pride ourselves on being team players and tireless advocates for our members and partners. Our success is built on strong relationships and unwavering attention to their ever-evolving needs, challenges, and goals.

We maintain a forward-leaning posture that allows us to quickly capture and assess industry and market intelligence then synthesize it into actionable recommendations designed to mitigate challenges and maximize opportunities for our partners and clients.

Cost Savings, Reimbursement Support, and Growth Solutions for Providers at Every Stage

No one is better positioned to increase your profitability, grow your business and expand services and solutions based on future market trends.



Physicians wishing to expand their practice to include in-office infusion and injection therapies benefit from our depth of experience in establishing and operating successful in-office infusion centers; and our far-reaching network allows us to facilitate business partnerships between channel providers, enabling them to offer their patients comprehensive services and multiple sites of care.


Medical Groups

We have assisted a number of medical groups in planning, building, managing, and growing multi-specialty infusion centers. From market analysis to site selection and provisioning, IIS has the experience and relationships to help organizations navigate around the common pitfalls that beset groups seeking to establish a profitable, sustainable multi-spec infusion center.


Specialty Pharmacy & Home Infusion

In addition to physicians and medical groups, Infinity Infusion Solutions is able to assist specialty pharmacies and home infusion providers in overcoming the challenges of adding ambulatory infusion and practice management services to their existing offering.

Startup AICs

Startup AICs

As a specialized purchasing organization that is highly-focused on the ambulatory infusion sector, our members benefit from cost savings on biologic and infusion therapy drugs, and access to limited distribution Biologics. With over 20 years of industry experience, we are also able to offer expert guidance in the areas of licensing, procurement, business development, and best practices for business operations.


Our Strategic Partners

Our deep expertise in the specialty infusion space allows us to provide our manufacturer and distributor partners with valuable market and competitive research, intelligence, analysis, and strategic insights, while our members enjoy the competitive advantages that those relationships produce.