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About Us

We help members and partners establish, develop, and optimize specialty Ambulatory Infusion Centers

Our service model focuses on developing infusion centers that can administer infusion services in-office or at an infusion site through the buy-and-bill process.

From start-up infusion suites to reimbursement solutions and exclusive price offerings, we offer respective levels of assistance to our members and partners.

With our unique compound of knowledge, experience, and an extensive industry-spanning network, IIS delivers competitive advantages to healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers compared to other businesses in the industry.

Infusion Therapy

We aim to understand and increase the possibilities for the future of medicine

IIS maintains an aggressive, innovative approach to medicine and science that allows us to capture and assess industry and market intelligence. We synthesize this information into actionable recommendations that are designed to mitigate challenges and maximize opportunities for our partners and clients

Supporting Ambulatory Infusion Center care sites extends beyond ensuring an infusion center is both viable and ideal for Infusion Therapy patients; we ensure the providers and companies are also benefiting from the services being offered.

We focus on increasing profits and driving new business opportunities to provider members while granting visibility to manufacturers and payors. The value of our network is seen in our increasing compliance, decreased drug spending, minimized hospitalizations, and price transparency. We cut out the middleman and do things directly.

Regardless of the growth or size of your company, you can experience less stress & more success with our provider benefits

Whether you are a start-up infusion center or have been in the industry for years, no one is better-positioned than Infinity Infusion Solutions to increase your profitability. We have the resources to develop your business and expand your services and solutions based on future market trends.

Provider benefits range from cost savings to reimbursement support to growth solutions. But the continued future success of our service involves you.

Place us in a position to commit ourselves to you and experience the unwavering relationships we establish with members and partners. We focus our attention on your ever-evolving needs, challenges, and short- and long-term goals so you can experience less stress and more success.

Infusion Therapy

We know the process to successfully establishing infusion centers from initial phase to execution so your center is profitable with updated requirements and payor changes to assist with growth. And even with decades of experience, we don’t stop learning. We continue to refine our preexisting knowledge while redefining the future of business and medicine.

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